Who Do I Call?

Don't know your local government? Not sure if you should call your local council or regional council?

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When do I call?

District Councils and Regional Councils in New Zealand have different responsibilities:

City / District Council

Responsible for essential community services:

  • consents for subdivisions, commercial/residential buildings
  • local road maintenance (excluding state highways)
  • water, sewerage, stormwater, rubbish collection services
  • community services like libraries, swimming pools and public parks
Regional Council

Responsible for natural resources and economic development in the region:

  • looking after freshwater, land, air and coastal water
  • managing rivers, mitigating soil erosion and flood control
  • regional emergency management and civil defence preparedness
  • regional transport planning
  • harbour navigation and safety, oil spills and other marine pollution
What is A Unitary Authority?

A Unitary Authority has both the responsibilities of a local council and a regional council. There are six unitary authorities in New Zealand:

  • Auckland Council
  • Gisborne District Council
  • Nelson City Council
  • Marlborough District Council
  • Tasman District Council
  • Chatham Islands Council